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1 year ago | 3 notes

MuggleCast Night Before Christmas: 2012 Year in Review

'Twas the night before Christmas and since I'm a Jew,

I sat in my bedroom without much to do.

Chinese food was ordered, movie tickets were bought

So I opened on my iTunes without another thought.


The icon was waiting as it was in years past

A new episode of MuggleCast was here at last!

And me in my pjs knew just what to do:

Pressed play and settled in for MuggleCast’s year in review.


The familiar tune started and I hummed along

As the tempo picked up in the Hedwig’s Theme song.

It finally ended and Andrew came on

To let us know this was sponsored by Audible.com.


As always, then Micah went into the news

And listed the stories the ‘Casters perused.

Pottermore chapters, Aunt Marge news revealed

And just how much income Butterbeer yields.

With a little nostalgia my mind started to drift

And seven years of shows I started to sift.


I began to think of the ghosts of hosts past

And how they began each and every podcast:

"I’m Andrew." "I’m Ben." "I’m Eric." "I’m Micah."

"I’m Jamie." "I’m Kevin." "I’m Matt." "I’m Laura."

I thought of the fanclub, of the PicklePack!

And wondered when Spy on Spartz would come back!


Make the Connection, British Jokes, Dueling Club,

And all of the MuggleCast segments I love.

Character discussions, listener rebuttals after

And seriously what happened to Chapter-by-Chapter?


Then, Eric recited his top seven list

And recapped the events we shouldn’t have missed.

In no particular order he started his spiel

And allowed other hosts to weigh in how they feel.


But where were the MuggleCasties this year?

The awards every MuggleCast fan holds most dear.

It seems such a Bobfail- now how will we know

If the JK Rowling award was still given to Jo?


After plugs for podcasts, calendars, and more

We moved on to what 2013 has in store:

Theme park expansions? A kids book from Jo?

Could MuggleCast: the Musical be given a go?


And what is the status of Jo’s pen and paper?

Since The Casual Vacancy has her writing tapered?

Or can we cross our fingers for an encyclopedia

Despite what she may have said to the media?


It’s amazing that MuggleCast has been around seven years,

For more than a forth of my life it’s been here!

I recall being nestled all snug in my bed

While voices of ‘Casters drifted through my head!


No way they knew how many they’d touch when they started,

But by simply existing their reach was uncharted.

Strangers at the time, they discussed Mr Potter

And their friendships ran through us just like running water.


Every year I thank MuggleCast just for being around

And for the joy made from a simple podcast I’ve found.

For uniting online to record near and far

And bringing friendships together through the boy with a scar.


(Yeah…I ended with scar.  Someone had to end something with the word ‘scar’, didn’t they?)


H x

2 years ago | 9 notes

Please vote for my MuggleCast pumpkin at the following link http://www.mugglenet.com/gallery/displayimage.php?pos=-66947 and select the 5 stars :)  Thanks so much!

3 years ago | 88 notes

And you know what? Here’s the other thing that bothers me. They’re really big on, you know, Pottermore has to be safe for kids….it has to be a family experience. And the truth is, look, Harry Potter fans are not kids. Why is this catering to the nine year olds, when it’s the people, sixteen, eighteen, and older, who shaped Harry Potter. JK Rowling’s not here to thank the nine year olds; she’s here to thank the people who bought the books, that were there at midnight, lining up, reading them over night. I mean this is ridiculous. AvisKey101—who is that!?


-Andrew Sims on Mugglecast Ep.#239 Feed Your Owl on the topic of Pottermore’s family friendly nature.

I agree completely (though ever so slightly less harshly).

(via tokomasho)

Via 図書、時間、そして沈黙
3 years ago | 6 notes

Pottermore, Elements and Total Overanalysis

I’d like to preface this by saying yes, I read my horoscope and follow my star signs, but no, I do not ever over-analyse them to this extent. I’m just bored and found it interesting to cross compare these things.

I’ve just been doing some thinking and have stumbled across something that I find fairly interesting related to Pottermore sorting and felt the need to share.  I know lately people have been wondering if its just an algorithm and if people are being sorted properly and after recently finding a self proclaimed Hufflepuff was sorted into Slytherin, I got to thinking about the four houses and the four elements. 

The four houses in Hogwarts each are associated to one of the 4 elements

  • Gryffindor-Fire
  • Slytherin-Water
  • Ravenclaw-Air
  • Hufflepuff-Earth

These four elements can also be found in Western astrology

  • Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius-Fire
  • Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces-Water
  • Gemini, Libra, Aquarius-Air
  • Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn-Earth

And in Eastern astrology it is a bit more complex because they typically use Yin and Yang, zodiac animals, and 5 elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, and Metal, but I did find a few interesting things using Eastern astrology as well.  The animals associated to these five elements are

  • Vermilion Bird (aka Phoenix)-Fire
  • Black Tortoise-Water
  • Yellow Dragon-Earth
  • White Tiger-Metal
  • Azure Dragon-Wood

And birth years are Yin or Yang and elemental as follows:

  • If the year ends in 0 it is Yang Metal
  • If the year ends in 1 it is Yin Metal
  • If the year ends in 2 it is Yang Water
  • If the year ends in 3 it is Yin Water
  • If the year ends in 4 it is Yang Wood
  • If the year ends in 5 it is Yin Wood
  • If the year ends in 6 it is Yang Fire
  • If the year ends in 7 it is Yin Fire
  • If the year ends in 8 it is Yang Earth
  • If the year ends in 9 it is Yin Earth

Also, apparently the animals elements change based on the birth year, but they also have governing elements that appear to be tied to them at all times. Each of the 12 animals are governed by an element plus a Yin Yang Direction as follows:

  1. Rat (Yang-Fixed Element Water)
  2. Ox (Yin- Fixed Element Water)
  3. Tiger (Yang- Fixed Element Wood)
  4. Rabbit (Yin- Fixed Element Wood)
  5. Dragon (Yang- Fixed Element Wood)
  6. Snake (Yin- Fixed Element Fire)
  7. Horse (Yang- Fixed Element Fire)
  8. Ram (Yin- Fixed Element Fire)
  9. Monkey (Yang- Fixed Element Metal)
  10. Rooster (Yin- Fixed Element Metal)
  11. Dog (Yang- Fixed Element Metal)
  12. Pig (Yin- Fixed Element Water)

Anyways, I’ve decided to overanalyse a few different people by their astrological signs and then see how they sorted on Pottermore and am fairly impressed with the results:


I’m a western Libra (air) and an Eastern Yin Wood Ox (water)….obviously the eastern elements are a bit harder to decipher because there is no wood or metal in the four Hogwarts houses, but I sorted into Ravenclaw which is also an Air sign.  And while Ox is governed by water and I’m by no means a Slytherin, there were quite a few sorting questions that I noticed had answers that I assumed were Ravenclaw choices, but my brother believes were actually Slytherin. I’ve never noticed a similarity between the houses until Pottermore.


Nicole is a western cusp of Libra (air) and Scorpio (water) and an Eastern Yang Wood Rat (water). She is the reason I began looking at this information because she has always associated herself as a Hufflepuff but was sorted to Slytherin on Pottermore.  However, her Scorpio and Rat signs are both water signs, like Slytherin.  Perhaps it was always in her.  (Or perhaps it’s just her unborn twins are both Slytherins and they are overpowering their Hufflepuff mother 2 to 1!)


Stuart is a western Libra (air) and an Eastern Yang Water Monkey (metal).  Stuart is a good example of how this overanalysis obviously is not fact, because he was sorted Hufflepuff which is totally unrepresented in his astrological signs. lol!!  HOWEVER, he was given a hatstall and Stuart chose Hufflepuff over Ravenclaw, which is represented in his western sign.  I wanted to make sure that a totally wrong case was thrown in here though, because while I find this all interesting, the astrologies are obviously not indicative of the Pottermore sortings.  That being said, Stuart’s Monkey is governed by Yang, his birth year is Yang and his final Pottermore question was white or black—and he went with the Yang choice of white.


Delme is a western Aquarius (air) and an Eastern Yin Wood Ox (water), despite the fact that he has always thought himself a Tiger (sorry February birthday!). Delme was sorted into Ravenclaw (air) accordingly with his western star sign.


The fact that we did not see Eric being a Hufflepuff before Pottermore is actually atrocious after overanalysing his astrology. lol!  Eric is a western Taurus (earth) and an Eastern Yang Earth Dragon (wood).  While his dragon element is governed by wood, his year is Earth as is his western star sign as is his Pottermore house of Hufflepuff (earth).  Furthermore, his element of Dragon is governed by Yang, his birth year is Yang and his final Pottermore questions was white or black—and he went with the Yang choice of white. Finally, the animal associated with the Earth element is the Yellow Dragon.  A Hufflepuff Dragon?  Does this make Eric the epitome of Hufflepuff? haha!

After looking through all of this, I’m finding that the Western astrology seems to have much more commonality with some of the houses we’ve been sorted into than the Eastern ones, but I still think looking at Eastern is neat too.  Regardless, I thought it was a different way to look at the sorting and kind of neat that someone like Nicole, who never associated to Slytherin, actually had a lot of water signs attached to her pre-Pottermore.  Anyone else find they were sorted by the stars before they were sorted by JKR? 

Geez…after all of this analysis, I feel like I ought to apply for Divination teacher at Hogwarts. Is the position still open?

H x.

3 years ago | 17 notes

Ring - Tootsies

|  The MuggleCasters

I would pay to be in the room when this persons phone rings. Personally, I hope the ‘somebody’ is Eric himself ;)


SPIELER WAYBACK MACHINE: ON. *Sounds of bulldozers driving backwards through a jungle with chain tires, a.k.a. the TARDIS noise.*

This is an mp3 version of the conclusion of the “Tootsie Roll Spiel” from MuggleCast, Episode 31. It is ringtone length, and somebody made this specifically for their phone.

Via Spielerville
3 years ago

Check out Chloe Dolandis’s new music video for ‘Let’s Make This Moment Come Alive’.

Make sure to look for me holding Dobby in the graduation party scenes and MuggleCast/MuggleNet’s very own Eric Scull riding a bike!!

(Source: youtu.be)

3 years ago | 20 notes
Why yes, I am an excellent photographer!


“I thought it was nice of the Beast to bring me dinner.” - Eric James Scull, ladies and gentlemen. 

Why yes, I am an excellent photographer!



I thought it was nice of the Beast to bring me dinner.” - Eric James Scull, ladies and gentlemen. 

(Source: somethingworthlivingfor)

Via MuggleCast
3 years ago | 3 notes

This is the music video Eric Scull (MuggleNet/MuggleCast), Chloe Dolandis, and I entered in the Harry Potter Alliance’s Imagine Better Campaign.  It would mean the world to us if you would please, please, please vote for us. It takes only a few minutes. 

Simply click this link http://splashlife.com/imagine-better-art/heartbeat-earth-original-song-climate-crisis and then register (painless process that can be done with or without Facebook Connect) and select VOTE FOR THIS IDEA!

Thanks, tumblr followers!!  <3 <3 <3

3 years ago | 3 notes

The Heartbeat of the Earth -- A Song for Climate Change Awareness

Singer songwriter Chloe Dolandis, Eric Scull (MuggleNet/MuggleCast), and myself got together to write a song for The Harry Potter Alliance’s Imagine Better campaign to raise awareness and action for the Climate Crisis.  We would be greatly appreciative if you could please click the link above, click the quick Facebook Connect registration and vote for our original song as your favourite art idea.  Thank you so, so much for your support!!


3 years ago | 2 notes

My Journey Through Harry Potter — It All Ends or Potter More?

My first ever vlog….be nice!  Sorry it’s so choppy…and so long!!